On August 17, 2017, Phonak launched Audéo™ B-Direct, the first hearing aid that offers universal connectivity to any Bluetooth phone, including the first to directly connect to Android, iPhone and classic cell phones. Audéo B-Direct simplifies the life of consumers with truly hands-free calling. Wearers can answer or reject a phone call by pressing a button on their hearing aid. Conversations are then streamed through the hearing aids’ microphones to the other caller. The hearing aids instantly pair with the new plug & play TV Connector, which uses proprietary AirStream™ technology to seamlessly connect wearers to their favorite TV programming for an immersive audio experience. The low-voltage wireless chip has the lowest power consumption of any hearing aid using Bluetooth Classic. Audéo B-Direct is the smallest size 13 Receiver In the Canal product in the Phonak Audéo family. The sleek design has been optimized for wireless connectivity, and new placement of the microphone inlets allows for reduction of hair and wind noise. It has been given an Ingress Protection 68 rating for the ultimate dust and moisture protection, allowing patients to live their lives without limitations.

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