VITA Easyshade V, a dental spectrophotometer, was developed to support the dentist in choosing the right shade for high-quality dental restorations. As the main criterion for the aesthetic quality of dental restorations, the shade is usually determined in a time-consuming and error-prone process of comparing the patient´s tooth with tooth shade samples. Due to use of a miniaturized electronis and optoelectronic sensor technology VITA Easyshade V enables a quick and reliable determination of the tooth shade. The ergonomically shaped device ensures easy accessibility of all teeth. With a twist of the wrist, one can monitor the brilliant OLED touch display. An intuitive, graphical user interface enables an efficient operation of the device. The determined shade information can be sent to the dental lab or patient via Bluetooth and app. A wireless docking station charges the chromatometer automatically. The body housing meets the highest hygienic standards and makes this VITA Easyshade V a friendly intermediary between dentist, lab technician and patient.

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