With the latest dental camera requirements of ergonomics could be realized in an ideal manner, as possibilities in miniaturization of hardware facilitate enhanced opportunities today. Especially the head of the camera could be formed in such a slim way, that it can be handled now much more comfortable in the patients mouth. The capability could be increased significantly at the same time: intra, extra oral and macro exposures in HD-quality can now be made with one camera. The design creates a context of form and function by a natural, even organic, appearance. Thus a human and progressive state of the art in medicine is shown through elegance and serenity. In fact some X-ray images become obsolete with infrared photography. The buttons for infinitely variable focussing and shutter release are installed twice for intuitive handling at 360 degrees. With its unique interchangeable head system, the Proof System (caries diagnostics by visualization of metabolic elements) and its integration into a comprehensive visualisation and documentation software a future-proof tool for diagnostics has been created.

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