The spectrolab axis bracket for dental photography: Simplicity and science in harmony! The surface reflections of natural teeth are governed by their goniometric properties (surface texture) as well certain boundary effects (Fresnel Reflection). As such, they typically consist of a diffuse and specular component. While an annular ring illumination (i.e. ring flash) creates surface reflections, which are dominated by their specular component, the spectrolab. axis bracket uses an azimuthal 45°/0° illumination geometry to exclude most of the glare, making the diffuse reflection the dominant type. This principle derived from optical physics, results in a more natural depiction of a patients teeth, also allowing for more realistic shade evaluation. Whereas most existing flash brackets are heavy and offer too many confusing arrangement choices, the spectrolab. axis bracket is modular, light and easy to use. Bracket is available with adapters for camera systems of different brands.

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