A smart device to self-examine and preserve oral health.
Design specification:
1.professional shape design, simple and clean
Through the analysis of the oral products on the market and personal care products, we concluded the basic streamline lines was easy to be accepted by the user.
We defined the basic style as electric toothbrush shape, this shape play a psychological hint to user that put the products into the oral easier. The user can get the guidance of use by this shape design visually.
And the product’s mainly color is white, the surface of the logo with crisp green, it will carry a effect that it is a a professional medical device, it is clean and concise.
2. we realize the packaging, storage, charging, disinfection, one-step finish.
We integrate the product packaging, collection, charger and disinfection 4 functions within a external packing;, Products can be taken out from the box out of and put back into the storage box easily , and it can be charged via data line , meanwhile it can be disinfected by the strong ultraviolet light when it was cover over , and it is easy to be carried via the extra spare parts. It brings a good experience to the users.

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