The Programat P510 is a ceramic furnace which is used by dental technicians to fire ceramic restorations. The Programat P510 is a modular furnace system of the latest generation. The furnace includes an infrared camera which automatically controls the pre-drying and closing process. With this new intelligent infrared technology, firing results are achieved faster, featuring a higher quality and energy efficiency. The furnace is operated by means of a large, adjustable colour touch screen. The menu structure and graphics of the new user interface allow for a safe and intuitive operation. The Optical Status Display lights up in different colours, indicating the different operating and progress statuses of the furnace. The OSD is visible even from a distance and from different angles. The housing consists of high-quality die-cast aluminium. The functional design, the large cooling tray and the tong holder on the side facilitate its operation. The design is distinct and shaped according to the technical dimensions.

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