Planmeca Sovereign® Classic is an ergonomic, efficient, safe and user inspired dental unit for dentists and dental assistants. It combines Planmeca’s design principles: a relaxed patient, efficient workflow, healthy medical team and long-lasting aesthetics.
The symmetrical, rotating unit adapts to different users – even left-handed ones – with its broad range of movements.
Settings can be personalized from the multilingual touch screen and transferred to other dental units. The screen automatically shows settings for each instrument in use. Remote maintenance is carried out via software that also enables transferring personal settings from one unit to another.
Infection control and hygiene have been fundamental in designing the smooth, uniform and powder-coated surfaces. The unit’s internal cleaning procedures are proven to be among the safest in the field. Critical parts can be easily detached and sterilised.
The dental unit has a very long life cycle. All materials can be separated for recycling.
Planmeca Sovereign Classic holds
-34 patents or applications
-13 design patents or applications
-20 registered trade marks or applications.

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