PerioLase MVP-7 surgical laser incorporates Android-based GUI for the dentist’s digital display and control system; combining advanced laser components with LCD display technology & user interface software for optimum operating experience.

•6-watt free-running variable pulsed Nd:YAG with 7 pulse durations
•1064 wavelength, critical to optimal support of LANAP surgery
•Enhanced GUI : 10.1 inch LCD display; with high-res 1280×800 pixel display and 1.60 screen Aspect Ratio
•Consistent, standard platform to adapt to electronics industry explosive growth
•Backward & forward compatible technology enables current/future display device integration/upgrades without purchase of new laser
•Custom fiber optic delivery system
•RoHS compliant
•In-field operating system upgrades through encrypted hardware authentication
•360* mounting system for comfort & flexibility of laser placement in operatory
•Increased patient safety: built in, external power meter enables in-office calibration.
•Color coded graph of energy delivered vs. safe operating parameters
•99% of interface dedicated to clinical information
•Pre-loaded with operating parameters for common laser-based procedures

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