Form follows function: DIGORA Optime is easy-to-use Intraoral imaging plate system for dental radiography. Imaging procedure has been optimized to require minimal amount of user steps, after inserting the plate the whole process is automatic. Functional design results to minimized user steps reducing possibilities for user errors and keep dental professional and the patient always on the focus of the operation.

Streamlined design leads to clever maintenance, affordable pricing and superb results for diagnostic and decision-making, even in challenging environments. DIGORA Optime’s have been used in developing countries and catastrophe areas, and in conditions no other devices are be available. It’s designed to be truly functional product – and to just keep on going whether it is in used in Germany in a high-end clinic or in a Red Cross emergency unit.

To take user-driven design further, DIGORA’s hygiene concept benefits the whole imaging workflow with reduced contamination risk and improved patient and user safety.

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