Traditional dental implant package does not blend with growth factors. Complicated blending is likely polluted during surgery. Many surgeries must suspend due to pollution and causes many medical disputes. The System in hexagonal tube prevents from rolling on operating table. Within tube, implant is fixed on a designed device, ensures the implant aseptic before usage and not to be polluted at storage and taking out. A fastener connected with medicine bottle is designed on the lid of System. Medicine bottle, filled with growth factor, directly flows into dental implant bottle after two bottles are assembled by spiral fastener. Implant thus successfully blends with growth factor. The System simplifies blending steps, shortens surgery process and reduces the risk of pollution. Besides, design is environmentally friendly by using fewer plastic bottles. Design obtained patents in Taiwan, China and the United States that benefits sale and promotion in medical material market. Growth factors attached to dental implants enhance osseointegration and shorten healing time. Design is convenient for the operation of doctors and eliminates the risk of surgery process.

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