CALAJECT was developed to provide better local analgesia in dentistry with minimum of pain and discomfort for the patient and to give the dental professional better opportunity to optimize his/her injection techniques compared to the conventional, manually operated injection syringes.
Three program settings for intraligamental injections, palatal injections, infiltrations and regional nerve blocks cover alle needs for local analgesia in dentistry. All programs starts with a very slow flow-rate, securing a pathway for a gentle delivery of the anaesthetic solution.
The touch screen panel is minimalistic and is easy to operate. An acoustic signal indicates the actual flow rate.
Functions used during the injection (speed change, cruise control and aspiration) are controlled by the footswitch, so the operator can keep eyes and concentration to the patient.
The acoustic signal is discrete and calming, contributing to a relaxed atmosphere during injection.
RONVIG’s ambition has been to create a product of high functional and esthetic value appreciated by both operator and patient.

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