20% of adults suffer from hearing-loss, and 10% from tinnitus. Sound-pressure also cause hidden symptoms like headaches and energy-drains.
With dBud earplugs it’s safe to go loud longer. They provide both noise reduction and clear sound.

* ADVANCED ACOUSTIC FILTER: Loud volume turned down to safe levels, and still you can enjoy the sound experience at concerts or dancefloors. You get BOTH safe sound and clear sound.

* 2 VOLUME SETTINGS: How we want to experience sound is individual, and it can even change day by day. dBud provides protection in both very loud surroundings and in lower background noise.
For musicians, party animals, commuters, office workers etc- all noise count in Safe Exposure Time.

* ATTACHEABLE LEASH and with built-in magnets, you can wear them around your neck, always in reach. Easy to attach your own designs and favorite neckless.

* SUBTLE & HEADPHONE-LOOKING STYLE: Familiar to something that we are already comfortable with using every day in public.

* MECHANICAL TECH: No electronics, no charging, no hazzle.

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