MATRIX / AUBECQ Firmly grounded in decades of design excellence, craftsmanship and product innovation since 1917, Aubecq interprets the same values for a new type of contemporary cookware. MATRIX is the perfect mix of design and premium material in, what may will be, the most complete and powerful cookware range designed for use in home. With a Unique packaging signature, Matrix redefined the classic code of cookware. A unibody design, high-end finition… 1 – «POINTS SERRÉS» meshing Tight spot mesh in stainless steel with Autograph 2 from Dupont® nonstick and a light wight tri ply body offers state of the art performance. Meshed bottom tight spot  to protect the nonstick and perfectly sear meat and fis The utmost best non stick to date. It is extremely scratch resistant and holds up to metal utensils. Zero PFOA 2- Spiral bottom gain time. Save energy Matrix technology is based on spiral dual allow bottom, new generation that optimize heat process. Optimized healthy reduced cooking time, hence maintaining vitamin. 3 – Tri ply body to diffuse heat all over the body. 4 – Hollow and cast handle to optimize weight and isolate for heat.

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