Refueling the workplace is an important role in modern business and crucial to creating an environment that is vibrant, thriving and alive. The FLAVIA® Creation 500 is tailored for office environments where it harmoniously blends in with its distinctive and modern design language. Clean lines and subtle surface and material changes telegraph the advanced brewing technology that brings cafe culture to the workplace.

The FLAVIA® Creation 500 uses innovative Freshpacks, a patented technology to brew perfectly crafted coffees, teas, lattes, and cappuccinos while ensuring ingredients remain fresh by flushing each brewing pack with nitrogen to prevent oxidization. This unique process locks in the taste and aroma until the moment it is served. Only water passes through the machine, so there’s no cross-contamination; no coffee taste to spoil your peppermint tea, and cleaning takes a fraction of the time required with other brewers. Intelligent technology efficiently calibrates the size, pressure, and temperature, so whether you’re using the machine for the fifth or fiftieth time, you’ll always get consistently delicious drinks.

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