Existing video projectors often adhere to a common design language. Some projectors are advertised as being portable but their precious, box-like aesthetic does little to visually communicate this to the user. Luma’s form is completely relevant to the usage scenario; its compact form and integrated handle encourage you to pick it up and transport it between rooms or take it on your travels and watch your favourite movies anywhere.

Luma has been designed to express individuality and personality. The obvious handle feature provides a unique, ergonomic element but it also allows the product to establish its own iconic appearance. Luma adopts a semantic that clearly portrays portability, giving the user reassurance that they can move the product from one place to another.

Its compact, lightweight form and minimal size further reinforce the portable nature of the product. The overall aesthetic is simple and coherent, which allows key aspects such as the lens area and handle to gain prominence. Luma includes all of the major connectivity options such as USB, HDMI and Wifi. The connectors are situated behind a discreet silicone flap.

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