Expandable table QUADRIFOGLIO

The frame consists of 4 identical elements which together form the shape of a four-leaf clover. The table legs are bent for extra rigidity.
The table top presents itself as a square with oval corners.

At the factory, raw wood is used to make the veneer sheets, which are then glued and pressed in shaped wooden parts. From this material all table parts are produced with the help of the most modern computer-controlled machines.

The last veneer layer offers additional design possibilities – we have chosen for you – light oak and dark walnut. Both as a modern variant of the veneer the so-called Fineline veneer.
The homogeneous nature of the wood grain on the table top, edges and frame form a tense and harmonious overall picture.


If more table space is needed, the table can be extended. This ritual can easily be done by turning and unfolding the table. Together with guests, it may even be of entertaining value!

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