The point of departure for the design of the Oliver coffee table collection is the optical illusion that to support three points on a floor base, you don’t need three sides of a triangle. Thus the base appears to be a triangle without being one, and is therefore able to transform fluently and quite logical looking, from a flat leg to a vertical connection to the table surface. The family comprises a side table to put before and next to the sofa, and lower and wider round coffee tables with two heights. This allows to create your own desired ideal coffee table setting according to your own style and needs.

With a minimum of materials manipulations – one massive metal rod is bended and then attached to a plate – a design with a unique identity is created. The fact that the base is a massive rod is to make the table stable. The sharpened edges of the table top make the design look even lighter. The table top itself can then be chosen in either stained oak, or upholstered in leather, or lackered, and the arched base can be either black or in chrome.

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