Throughout history, THE TABLE as such, has known a great evolution. Initially, as a piece of furniture, the table was only used and set up at banquets and feasts. It merely was a construction of supports, on which a top (or several tops) was placed. This way, the room was free and available for other matters most of the time.
It is only from the moment that mankind added a decorative role to furniture (e.g. by creating table legs with ornaments inspired by the world of fauna) that the table acquired a more central place in our interiors. The table was there to stay and would never leave that place anymore.
Tables that can be enlarged or reduced in size, often offer a solution to the various needs of the user, but –by doing so- they are also often limited what form or shape is concerned.
Because of its unique shape, the LITTLE BIG unites both the small and larger usage of the table. The table top with diameter 0.70 m is perfectly shaped for two people. If the situation requires usage by a larger number of people, then the larger top with diameter 1.30 m (or 1.60 as a variant) provides perfect space for 6 to 8 people.
The LITTLE BIG is a plastically, visually strong design. Three-dimensionally, this piece of furniture is form-retaining. The larger table top, which in its minimalistic design consists of two wooden legs, can be personalized, while the legs can be replaced by a cone or underframe that refers to a certain style period.
These possibilities create –without any further adjustments- a greater added value what sales and marketing are concerned, while it can also be easily adjusted to the preferences of other cultures.

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