Kaleidoscope is a table inspired in the psychedelic world created by the visual effect of those little toys that we used to play when we were kids. It can be used as a conference table to spice up those boring meetings or as a banquet table to create the most magical ambience that you can imagine. From kids to adults this table will always pick their attention. Its structure is made of darkened oak with varnish finish giving it the touch of a regular table but its legs can be arranged in brass, copper, aluminium or any other RAL lacquered color, to be highly adaptable to any interior. The legs are attached after production so the shipping doesn’t go in a box with the dimensions of the table when assembled. And the legs can be easily changed by its clients if they want to change their interior tone too. More than a functional piece Kaleidoscope Table pretends to bring to life new emotions to the users and its guests.


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