IGN. OSCAR. was inspired by Oscar Niemeyer’s Brazilian architecture. The table design borrows formal and structural elements of Niemeyer’s architecture and transforms them into a furniture design. The interplay between a free and a rectangular form lends the table its sculptural and, at the same time, elegant expression. The table design is based on a holistic, pre-stressed support system. The stand is subjected to a tensile load and acts as a trussed support of the table top that is – in turn – subjected to a compression load. Because of the pre-stressing, the rigidity of the table is increased and prevents any bending of the table top. The table is 74 cm high, 110 cm wide and available in three lengths: 240 cm (seating six), 320 cm (seating eight), and 400 cm (seating ten). The table top is available in various types of solid wood, painted or covered with linoleum. The stand made of bent steel plate is also available in different versions: raw oiled, varnished, chromium-plated, or covered with leather.

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