All versions of tables in HEY collection are made from one moulded piece of plywood.

A wide piece is cut into three or four integral parts of the leg, creating a triangle base for round top tables and four legs for square top tables.

In both options the legs may be finished in two ways: half-round and sharp, narrowing to the bottom.

Finishing option affects the visual value of the product without any additional material and technology input.

The idea of tables in HEY collection is based on a wise, economical and thus responsible use of bent plywood technology. Production of the leg from one form gives four different versions of tables.

The basis of the table presents an elegant form and the connection point of legs in the column creates a characteristic detail of each piece of furniture. 

The tagline of each pragmatic decision is a visually stunning product.
Tables may be stained in one color or the basis and top separately. 

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