Where the handrail ends in the hallway, MORMOR furniture begins: the table HALT provides secure support through it’s surrounding wooden handrail. That is how this table offers a helping hand to people with reduced mobility – even in the middle of a room. Whether you need aid at old age, due to physical constraints or injuries, the clear and unmistakable design inhibits stigmatisation and still provides much needed backing for people affected and carers alike.

Through the high-quality workmanship that goes into making HALT, a robust and stable construction is formed that acts as a dependable aid in a room. This helps to preserve independence and permanently minimises the risk of falling.

Rounded edges, haptically pleasing forms, surfaces that don’t allow for fingerprints to be seen – many details are only seen at second glance. They make the table HALT a product that can support people facing challenges. The combination of a handrail and a tabletop is intuitively understood by people of all generations. HALT is aesthetic and yet functional in it’s design; for people who expect more of their table than only it’s aesthetics.

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