Kaether & Weises “endless_table” is a high quality solid wood table.
But “endless_table” is more. It can be customised to various situations and needs. One can lengthen or shorten it. For a short time. For ever. Bit by bit. Again and again.
Three in its length adjusted plates make the table variable to any room situation because it’s not determined to one size. From handy single table to endless dining table – there are endless possibilities. But regardless of the number of composed elements, “endless_table” will be perceived as one piece of furniture.
“endless_table” doesn’t hide its construction design. The modular concept is clearly understandable. „endless_table’ can be assemled in a minute with few simple steps. The underconstruction made of conically shaped solid wood serves as stabilising form-locked connecting element. The table can easily be disassembled for transportation.
“endless_table” is complemented with “endless_bench”. This identically constructed sitting bench system is the perfectly matching seating to the table – independent of the table’s length. “endless_bench” can be assembled from a single sitting bench to an endlessly long sitting accomodation.

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