TRIcky First and foremost TRIcky is a practical seat. Our three leg stool complements classical seating furniture and enlivens each domicile. By its individual coloring our GS certified TRIcky presents a unique look and has its appearance in any room. Qualities and Facts: – Primarily TRIcky is a practical and useful seat. – It serves also as an end or bedside table. – Multiple purpose as table or decoration item. – Easy to set-up and as easy to be removed. – Legs and seat are easy assembled thanks to the patent registered ball plug system. – Multiple color and design choices – Worldwide patent registered – Made in Germany – GS certified – Little weight – Measures: Width: 33 cm – Height: 49 cm What’s more, our TRIcky serves as a superb possibility to place an ad for your company. Legs and seat are printable.

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