Tibalt is a stackable stool concept with a convincing geometrical simplicity and aesthetic in which the filigree design is reduced to a minimal form and weight. His design is based on a triangular structure comprising three identical sides.

The three sides of the stool blend into a coherent unit yet offering the observer other impressions, a real eye-catcher. Tibalt has a classical shape accentuated by simple lines, a clear form and a tender naturalness. The seat is made up of gently sloping surfaces to gain the feeling and the comfort of a seat shell. Due to its thin thickness it is from use to work with traditional solid-wood jointings.

Tibalt is made of a material thickness of 8 mm and has a weight of 1.2 kg. Due to its complex construction, despite its minimal material thickness, Tibalt has a excellent stability. The items of the frame are crossed. The seat is joined with molded tongues. Finally, all parts are glued together to miter.

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