Purill is a multifunctional piece of furniture which can be used daily as a stool, step or foot stool. At the entrance to traditional Japanese homes, there is a high step upon which one could sit whilst changing shoes. In contrast to this, in modern Japanese houses, this step is so low that it can no longer be used for sitting. In such cases, Purill functions as a compact and light weight stool, while providing the flexibility to be used in other places inside the home. Reaching the top shelf or cupboard is difficult for those of smaller stature, and is often not possible without some form of assistance. When a standard stepladder is undesirable for storage or aesthetic reasons, the nearest chair is often used instead, which increases the risks of accidents. Purill, however, can be safely used as a reliable step. As an aesthetic piece of furniture, it is always at hand and ready for use as a step, stool or foot stool. Produced by rotation molding process, Purill offers economical solution with a stable, light weight, and 360° design.

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