The starting point was to industrialize the sofa, challenge traditional production methods and explore new material. The core of the DELAKTIG platform is an extruded aluminium profile. Aluminium is a strong, durable, lightweight and recyclable material. The aluminium used consist of at least 50% recycled. The extruded aluminium profile has been used to create the base of the platform. The flexibility that is offered by the profile can be used to alter comfort and/or add new functions -the profile can be the carrier of attachments, extensions or additions.
We looked to see how we make beds today, knock down bed frame and roll packed mattresses, how could we use this way of thinking when making a new sofa? The result is the flat pack and knock down open platform with a frame of aluminium and upholstery that is roll packed. You put the parts together to suit how you want it to be at home.
As DELAKTIG is an open platform which means anyone, person or company, can create or personalize the sofa more personal.DELAKTIG comes in 3 sizes: 3 seats, 2 seats and 1 seat seating platform with arm and back rest where you chose to put them. A side table and lamp that you can clip onto the frame.

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