Among the Mountains

Mountains, as well as waters, are most common in traditional Chinese painting. As the mountain represents perseverance and vitality, the offering Among the Mountains incorporates the beauty and harmony of traditional Chinese landscape painting into modern life, aligning the symbols of classical Chinese aesthetics with the modern design style of simplicity.

Built dignified and elegant, yet also mellow and cute, it is customer-friendly, and you’ll be willing to enjoy it in different ways.

The soft cushion offers a comfort ride, while the hill-shaped back consists of independent modules, free to move for individual needs. A user may reposition the back cushions as he changes his own posture, either sitting down for a chat with friends or lying down for a rest. This setting can function as a sofa, a chaise longue or a bed.

The design, including the modeling and resilience, has been subject to rigorous ergonomical experiments, striving to provide users with highly comfortable experience on a scientific basis.

By interaction between the user and the product, it reflects the harmony between man and nature, echoing the philosophy of ​​man being an integral part of nature in the Chinese Taoism while expressing man’s care for the natural environment as well as nature’s tolerance for man.

The appearance of the product is sketched out by stitching as a finishing touch, which fully embodies the exquisite and graceful details of the process.

The use of pure natural wool fabrics creates a warm and comfortable scenario attractive to any user, calling people back to nature’s beauty.

Solid, round wood legs are lovely designed, free to disassemble and easy to transport.

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