VARIO M12 is designed for growing offices. To start with, you will probably only need transparent elements to create rooms within large areas; then, as the space begins to fill up, the shelving system can be fitted with back walls, fronts, corner elements and doors to create an almost classic zoning system.
VARIO M12 is essentially a transparent, freestanding shelving system in grid widths 400, 600 and 800 mm. From lightweight shelves to a solid cupboard system with different fronts and inner divisions, all variations from one to six binder heights can be developed here. The barely visible steel structure within a vertical grid unit ensures the necessary rigidity if any unit is used as a freestanding shelf.
The particular hallmark of M12 is the T-shaped aluminium edge. This edge, which can be anodised or chromium-plated, gives the side walls a very slim, high-quality appearance and adds a sense of rhythm to the vertical jointing if fronts and back walls are used.
The use of flat tapering stump feet emphasises the homely character of the range, expressing the combination of working and living environment.

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