Mankind has stored his dreams and thoughts in books and writings since ancient times. In our times of omnipresent sensory overload through ultra-fast media, it is our aim to create a storage for both: the book and the intellectual work of the author, which appropriately values such peaks of creativity. The Traumbibliothek invites the user to slow down and dive into centuries of collected knowledge. It is where the books themselves are dreaming comfortably, clearly visible and highly structured – and the reader, too, will find himself in dreamful locations and situations while reading. The library of dreams is a modular and fully flexible shelving system. The books are kept horizontally on aluminium shelves, which are almost freely customisable in height. Not only does this result in a unique, homogenous mosaic of book spines, it also leads to a nearly optimal utilisation of the available storage space (97 %). That way, the titles of those dreaming books are clearly readable. In addition, the system can be configured with freely placeable display and lighting modules, as well as individual materials for the decorative frame constrcution.

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