System248 is a magnetic furnishing system, consisting of rectangular boxes and a collection of metal accessories. Magnets are embedded in the boxes and create a pattern. Through this magnetic pattern the boxes can be put together in a variety of different combinations, and adjust to any kind of room. No further connecting component is needed – the boxes as well as the metal accessories simply "click" together.
The System is designed to be highly flexible and mobile. It can be used in small apartments, in niches, under rooftops and staircases. A single box works as a nightstand or a side table. Two boxes, together with the hightadjustable feet and matching pillows, that are also fixed magnetically, can be used as a small bench. A whole wall covered with boxes make a great library.
To achieve the necessary flexibility the choice of material is very important. The boxes are made of 9 mm plywood with a melamine coating, a rather thin material that is very stable and light.

Produced in close cooperation with local manufacturers – made in Germany.

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