Roll Idea
Is a unique solution that replaces traditional
doors with rolling wheels. The countertop
is properly cut, so the wheels can be freely rolled by
touching the round edges. The sides of the wheels
can be shifted and the wheels can be exchanged and rearranged.
Each side has a different colour, pattern and finish,
according to the user’s choice.

Sliding rear door
The rear wall consists of four rectangular
modules, which can be freely exchanged. They are sliding
plywood boards placed in two grooves.
The furniture can be a freestanding
object, without defining its front or back.

Roll is hand made in family run generational manufactory. The materials used are chosen and selected and are specifically prepared for the Roll family. Roll is made entirely of solid oak. Careful processing and gluing is done using traditional techniques. The furniture is sanded manually so it gets soft, velvety finish. Then it is coated with several layers of the best quality oil.

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