Inspired by the cascading rockery in the Chinese gardening, this Mountain Range set features free, random combination that embodies Taoist aesthetic interest in and respect for nature as well as the pursuit of a cozy life at ease.

In detail, it is a traditional long, narrow table set, serving as both a shelf and a closet. Also, it can be used as a side cabinet, a TV stand or an exhibit rack.
Each module is independent and can be moved or combined freely, creating a new concept of free-assembly cabinet. Its movable modules greatly contribute to its flexibility in use, with the appearance and length of the cabinet ready for adjustments to adapt to a variety of rooms. On the other hand, the modular design is more convenient for respective packaging and transport.

The design stems from the Chinese character ‘回’ (pronounced hui, which means cycling in Chinese architecture), highlighting vivid design details and exquisite wood bending technology, namely high-frequency multilayer veneer molding. The product reflects the state-of-the-art craft details in this regard.

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