The best book collection reflects the personalities and interests of their owners. “Library” is a type of cupboard which had been specifically designed for the purpose of book collecting. Its unique appearance and strength is narrative that is related by function, uses the simple idea of organizing objects in certain order. The Library shape is developed from section of library building. Furthermore, unique appearance of library is material combination. The main production technology is structure round steel that is frame of cupboard and house-shape wooden fits together like a hand in glove. The section building idea has been used to cover arrange of concepts. It can be seen that the internal structure of Library and hidden storage under a staircase which combines with stories of the building of Library and the journey of a book. Moreover, creating a home library is a fun way to display your interests while establishing a special space for reading. After all, as Plato once said:” A house that has a library in it has a soul.” Let’s start organizing your own personal library.

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