The living room is the largest part of the house, and there is a TV cabinet in the center.
TV cabinet is not only in the basic roles of TV rack, but also helping to make life more efficient for diverse purposes, such as storage and home displays. The ‘D Project’ is designed with a soft curve that is optimized for curved television. We thought of furniture and home appliances as one, and used new methods and hardware. We have created a complete sense of unity between television and TV cabinet, then would like to try to fuse home appliances and furniture. It used IOT technology which can intelligently control objects by integrating physical and artificial intelligence through robots or artificial intelligence, so that it is more smarter than any other furniture and TV cabinet. Also, materials such as curved surface glass, aluminum bar, and steel body not used in furniture were used.It produced a high quality feeling and emphasized high durability.The Bluetooth speakers and lighting and AV cabinet were interlocked. It will appeal for future generations who would like to use the smart furniture.

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