The lightness of spirit and joy of life of the 60’s were the inspiration to capture in this interactive way to store books, decorating with color and design any room, providing a piece of functional, modern-retro art. The legs provide that sense of surprise and an astonishment sensation, that take us back to the cubism movement. This piece has three sliding doors, each covering less than one-third of the horizontal area, allowing users to move them suiting styles, moods, books arrangement and more. This is a very useful furniture but also fun and interesting, certainly a foolproof accent to any room. Made of red oak solid wood (red oak) and plywood, this piece is a mix of warm wood tones and a warm white that can be combined with almost any color. The doors are constructed with laminated glass on a wooden base with an aluminum mechanism rail hidden inside the wood, and a mechanism for removal and installation of the doors makes it easy and reliable. Built with high-tech Italian machinery.

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