In traditional cordless shade, you pull the shade downward to lower the shade to the desired height. Then to raise the shade, you must pull the shade downward again so that it begins to rise. Then, while it is rising, you must pull the shade downward again to stop shade at the desired height. This two step-process in raising the traditional cordless shade creates problems. First, when you first pull the shade to raise it, the shade frequently does not rise, and you end up lowering the shade even more. Second, when the shade is rising and you pull it again to stop the shade, the shade won’t stop! Third, when the shade does stop, it either stops a few centimeters too high, or a few centimeters too low. Why settle for imperfection? Our accurate SmartRise cordless shade lowers like a traditional cordless shade. However, to raise it, you just push the bottom rail to the desired height and it stops at the exact height you want. It saves you time while eliminating frustration. If you have multiple shades side-by-side, and you want all the shades to be at the same height, our shade makes it easy, allowing you to say goodbye to side-by-side shades that are unevenly lowered.

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