Design Description: “Ming” series of products refined Chinese auspicious clouds, Chinese animal totem, traditional Chinese painting these elements, combined with Ming furniture “straight” shape features, designed to mass production and meet the modern industry plate new Chinese series. In the design, the pursuit of Chinese “blank” culture and custom furniture in the layout of the application of the balance. The series takes into account the functionality and flexibility of each space, such as a sliding, mobile dining table, a rotating desk, a removable tea table, a vanity cabinet, and a high-back bed storage. Furthermore, the application of UV printing into the space, the realization of Chinese painting decorative applications. At the same time, taking into account the intelligent needs of the modern population, smart mirrors are added to custom cabinets to achieve a home-connected ecological environment.
In the design of China series, we hope to incorporate Chinese culture into modern science and technology life, bring new sense of Chinese experience to modern people and bring new vitality to Chinese space.

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