“canteen” reflects the growing popularity within Japan for wooden furniture which is not only part of our social responsibility to utilize local timber resources but also provides a sense of calmness and relaxation. Ideal for canteen and café spaces, the series includes chairs, stools and tables. “canteen” provides not just seating comfort, but when in a row the clean, curved lines and a frame design that appears to have been made with a continuous pen stroke creates beauty. The frame gradually reduces providing lines that drive towards the end tips following the legs and the backrest with gently curving armrests. Made entirely from Japanese timbers (chestnut, birch, oak), as each tree is unique, both the beauty of the wood as well as its flaws are revealed. In an individual piece of furniture this is “Character”, but for chairs in a line a degree of uniformity is required. A natural timber finish requires not only precision selection that adds to cost but also produces a large amount of waste timber. To avoid this, while keeping the natural feel, warmth and sensation of the timber, we decided to coat and cover the pieces. “canteen” provides a cosy, friendly and tranquil feeling.

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