The T-SKY eco2 combines ecology, innovation and design at an extraordinary standard. With its soft flowing shape and its elegant, gently curving sides, the T-SKY is neither has edges, nor is it round, distinguishing its unique design language. Its generously sized continuous smooth curved glass front impressively rounds off the special elegance and allows for a large view of the fire from all angles. Thanks to latest technology and invisible hinges, all T-SKY eco2 components seem connected to each other almost in a floating way, which in turn makes them appear as if they were made of one piece. In addition to the patented highlights of the eco2 series, is the heat-up valve installed in all T-SKY eco2 models, which supports the heating-up process even in challenging draught or weather conditions. Of the most diverse heating principles developed to date, the heat radiated from the storage heating stove best approximates the effects of the sun’s rays. Medical and building biology experts recommend this heating principle as the healthiest for heating Room. At Tonwerk in Lausen, every product is a genuine handcrafted original.

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