The P-10 Stûv a pellet stove out with the solutions proposed to date. Our designers were given the task to optimize each function. The pleasure, quiet operation, efficiency in heating term are three of the main objectives. Each of the proposed solutions are designed to bring comfort and pleasure to the user and the professional in charge of commissioning. Storing the granules in the lower part provides ergonomic response when loading, it can develop high heat in the upper part of the stove operation. The position of the combustion chamber which has taken the form of a steerable lantern result of our concept which concentrates the technical components in the base unit. This frees the upper part for managing the energy produced in the combustion chamber. Equipped with a large glass lantern sublime vision on the fire causing it to eye level.The cumulative result of all these principles is an easy and environmentally heater (0.001% CO emission in nominal power).The general aesthetics of the P-10 is sober and rigorous, no frills, giving him an ability to integrate with as many homes. Its customizable database further optimizes this feature and gives it the concept of furniture.

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