Sense looks solid and sculptural and at the same time modest by her dimensions and slim line. The elegant and flowing design blends into any modern interior.
The refined contrast between the combustion chamber and outside volumes are nicely highlighted by the white enameled surface and makes it a beautiful piece of furniture.
A unique, user-friendly opening system and an easy to operate – single air slide – air control are harmoniously integrated into the design.
The Sense offers a wonderful design, stylish warmth and through the integrated window aeration, an unobstructed gorgeous view of the fire.
Made of high-grade cast iron, the ideal heat conductor, the Sense has a high efficiency .
Low emissions due to the sophisticated technology of balanced air and insulation in the combustion chamber, for more heat and cleaner combustion, makes this wood burning stove ideal for low-energy houses .
The Sense meets the highest standards of environmental requirements.

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