PELMONDO FIRE CUBE – the evolution of camp fire. Pure wood fire without smoke, so simple, that children and adults love to light the fire every day. Not just anywhere, but directly on your terrace, beside lounge, furniture, pool … The Pelmondo Fire Cube is the most modern fire furniture in the world. It is the first of its kind which is heated with purest wood in form of wood pellets and with numerous innovations. The patented combustion technology guaranties pure fire without smoke and smoke odor, without electricity, only based on nature ventilation. New standards are set in safety and cleanliness. There are no sparks and the housing only gets hand warm. The ash falls down into the ash box. Through the integrated rolls you can move the Fire Cube to the place you want, even during the operating phase. It has never been so easy to light a natural wood fire. Just fill in the pellets, light the fire and enjoy 1.5 hours pure wood fire, without any reloading. Once the fire goes out the ember unfolds its strength, time to start a small barbecue.

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