A sign of warmth Long ago maritime signals were of central importance to the lives of Finnish people around the Bay of Bothnia. Fire signals, “kaasas”, served to lead seafarers safely home or to new fishing grounds. If enemies had been sighted, a warning fire would be lit in “kaasa”. The concept for the Kaasa lantern recalls this powerful symbolism and its interpretation turns it into an expressive interior mood-setter. The purpose of the design was to create an archetypal and iconic meeting point that would easily fit into today’s living environment. Similar to a large candle, the Kaasa aims to bring people together around an atmospheric source of light and warmth. The Kaasa collection consists of ethanol lanterns available in two sizes and three different colours. The functionality is carefully planned: the flame is placed on a steel base and is protected by a layer of heat-resistant glass which, in turn, is surrounded by an outer layer of mouth-blown glass. The creation of the Kaasa lantern is therefore a harmonious solution to the designer’s search for a combined light and heat source. The Kaasa renders the emotion of light and heightens the ambience of living rooms. The rigorous formal interpretation of the ancient beacon embodies both the extreme seasonal changes of Scandinavian countries, as well as the fascinating spectacle of the northern lights.

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