Audrey is the sealed, pellet stove that combines 2 archetypical shapes: the square and the circle. This stove can look classical or minimal, depending on the setting.
Its firebox is fully sealed to optimise performances, increase comfort throughout the home and reduce consumptions. This makes it suitable for installation in passive or low-consumption homes.
Audrey heats the air by means of a radial fan which can be turned off if necessary to heat by natural convection and radiation only, making the stove more silent and optimising acoustic comfort.

Further details:
– black, mirrored glass and white or black metal cladding;
– double-glazed door;
– touch-screen display offering various functions including management of parameters and operating hours;
– “star” pellet-load system which feeds the fuel at a constant rate to ensure more regular combustion
– certified by internationally-renowned institutes with efficiencies exceeding 95% and very low emissions;
– Connection Box standard supplied: this device allows you to connect Audrey to your smartphone and, using the new, exclusive Palazzetti App, to manage and control its values.

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