W2020 renews the genre of the classic wooden chair.

Somehow, everyone has a memory of this chair type, which still stands today in many traditional taverns. The classic tavern chair of that time has established the success story of Wagner from Langenneufnach. Sven von Boetticher and his Designteam reinterpret this archetypal product with the product family W2020.

In addition to its balanced proportions, the chair reveals a decisive innovation by taking a closer look: the seat and backrest are made of an innovative plastic shell.

Equipped with a newly developed generation of the patented Dondola® seat joint – now completely invisible integrated – it undocks the rigid connection of the seat to the chair base. The W2020 is formally reminiscent of classic tavern wooden chairs, but further develops their expression and functionality.

The smart chair offers high stability and good comfort at the same time. The backrest is cleverly formed from the plastic chair shell. The product family consists of chairs and barstools as well as a small stool. W2020 is available in different color and material combinations and is suitable for indoors and outdoors.

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