Particularly sophisticated in design, TWIST CHAIR develops the concept of a circle, on which it becomes possible to sit. This circle is also a shelter to put objects that never touch the ground. TWIST CHAIR was created to be noted for its experimental line. It can be made entirely of cardboard or cardboard and wood, with a wide choice of many colors and wood.
TWIST CHAIR is a piece of ecosustainable furniture assembled with simple elements. Its design aspires to reduce materials and discards. The concept of this chair provides an employment of natural or recyclable materials. The project requires a production process based on simple machineries.
Its parts are able to reach a pleasant visual impact thanks to an alternation of empty and full spaces besides textures union. This aesthetic feature aims to reach both a great functionality and a reduction of the materials used. This chair is practical, multifunctional, extremely versatile and long-lasting. It can be repaired with its spare parts. It can be easily taken to pieces, stocked and smoothly transported.
All its components can be easily separated to go to different disposal or recycling.

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