The shnug triggers social interactions maximising use of limited real estate via a load bearing asymmetrical perch seating a second person or to carry a personal item. With no straight lines or continuous curves an open side breaks down interaction barriers of traditional double “armed” armchairs; no edges or corners adds to approachability. Moulded in polyethylene as recyclable or manufactured in a “recovered” materials; the Shnug is at home in a bar, lounge, club, cafe or poolside; commercial or domestic; easy to handle yet reassuringly sculptured and confident in stance. The rugged shnug is basically maintenance free meeting demands of leisure or commercial environments outdoors or indoors. An accented waistline feature flows from the demands of the designer to disguise the unsightly mould “break-lines” of many rotational moulded products; a cost-effective “two part” cast mould is used and a clear brand identity echoes the form. Alone or integrated with the shnuglet, the shung creates comfortable social environments whilst maximizing use of valuable space.

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