I am creating design oeuvres out of the fascinating new material of light transmitting concrete since 2010. In the meanwhile I am convinced that those preciousness should belong among our every day life in a enrichening way. It just must become a “must”. It is therefore not suprising that I started designing exclusiv furnishings – all was created from my ideas. Herewith I would like to present you the following Twin-Seat-Bench. It is a combination of soft and hard – wood – concrete combined with RBG LED light technic. It is a fascinating Design-Artwork – beautiful to look at and a juwellery in each home or any hotel giving also a cosy atmosphere. The wave-construction makes you feel surrounded by the sea – a dreamy mood. But it is nevertheless also very usefull as two persons can nicely sit on it together. You can also use it as a shelf for coats, bags, clothes etc. Furthermore you can use for lightening the room in a singular and romantic way. The special LED-ligth-technic also allows you to change colours as one thinks best. (The surface finishing as its choice.)

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