Spin-chair is a quite extraordinary take on the classic, timeless wooden dining chair. The back legs, with their beautiful, twisted design, support the comfortable, cushioned back. This twisted style made from solid wood not only demonstrates the genuine manual workmanship, but also provides an exceptionally appealing haptic comfort in the arm rest attachment; this is helpful when standing up and sitting down and comfortable for resting the arms on. In spite of the high aesthetic standard, this four-legged chair is also very functional, as the rear-leg and back area is designed in such a way that 4-5 chairs can be stacked up with ease, with the closed, flat underside of the chair lying securely without denting the upholstery.
The excellent seating ergonomics are achieved by means of a traditional slatted base.
Spin-chair is available in solid oak and in walnut; in combination with leather or felting.
The design comes from Martin Ballendat.

Length, Width, Height in centimeter 51, 53, 82

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